Imagine having a photo booth at your Hamilton area celebration, wedding reception, office event, fund raiser, school dance, birthday party, prom, or bat/bar mitzvah. Any time a group of people get together and have fun in the same room is an opportunity to preserve those memories with a photo booth. Let's define the booth first. What we offer is a flexible, automated picture taking machine. It's an enclosed 5' x 5' space. So, it's a booth. A big booth. It will hold 10 adults easily. More if they all get along and aren't real "personal space" types. After sliding the privacy curtain shut, start the countdown and have some fun. No cold steel bench to sit on. Colour or B&W prints are always your choice. Want both? Go twice! High quality prints are ready in just a few moments. Walk away and show off your work or go again.

You see... I am also a wedding photographer. I started getting the idea of a photo booth at a wedding over 10 years ago. Long before the software and hardware existed to do it on a small time basis. Photo booths have been around since the late 1800s. So, the concept is not new by any means. The ability to have one at your party is. I played with the concept of it at a wedding once and was immediately struck by the change in a guest's personality once I wasn't the one taking their picture. A subject who just 5 minutes ago was reluctant to pose for me, would instantly perk up and be themselves once I was "gone".

It was amazing to watch. I never forgot that feeling and when it became possible to build an actual booth that was fully automated and printed on the spot, I built one.
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Using that experience from 10 years ago, along with our knowledge of lighting and how to make people look great, we now bring you our version of the 130 year old photo booth. The images made inside the booth are unlike anything I can create as a wedding photographer. That makes me both a little sad and a lot happy.

All rates include unlimited sessions. As many as your group can cram in while we’re there. Each session produces one 4x6 print. Every rental includes a place to download a file to make more copies. When we have a stable Internet connection, guests can upload their picture file to Facebook, Twitter and by email within moments of leaving the booth.

During your event, a large LCD screen outside the booth highlights what just went on inside the booth. Designed and built by us, you can be sure you and your guests will look great. We use classic over and under glamour lighting for spectacular results. Like that suit guys says... "you'll like the way you look"

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