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Wedding and Portrait Photography

What we do is simple.

Not easy, but simple. And a great deal of what we do has little to do with photography.

Our job description says we attend wedding day celebrations and make photographs. We take control when it's required and fall back into the shadows when not. We manage the "timeline", ensuring the happy, but distracted couple hits all the key moments of their day on time. Or close to it.

We make photographs of the details that wedding days are made of. Rings, flowers, shoes, "the" dress et al. We ride with the bride as she heads off to the ceremony. Along for the ride, we capture the roller coaster of emotion she experiences in those last few minutes.

Then comes the service. The family portrait session. Some fun with the wedding party.

An intimate session with the newly married couple is usually our last assigned task before dinner starts.

This typically ends the parts of the day where we "control" what happens. The rest of the night we fly by the seat of our pants.

In between each of these photographic "events" we hold people's hands, we advise, we pass on our experience, we herd cats, we push string, we laugh, we cry, we see and feel a family's love for each other in a way that can't be described, but can be seen and felt. And photographed.

Although we have "good" cameras, it takes much more than that to make great photographs.

It surprises some, but we don't really ever stop making photographs. Even as dinner is served and enjoyed, moments happen that demand to be stilled for all time. Stories are told. Fibs are offered and it seems like everyone just keeps laughing and smiling. Our perspective is once again simple. Capture these memories for our couples. They can't be everywhere. We try to be.

About half of the final images we deliver to our couples are created from the start of dinner on.

That's when the party is right? We can see the tension fade and everyone's hair come down when the music starts. We love photographing dancing. We wade right into the crowd and work up a sweat just like the guests.

If we took the final wedding images we deliver and played them like a motion picture, that is at 30 frames per second, the clip would last about 24 seconds. Less than half a minute captured from a ten hour period.

It's knowing which of those moments are best, where they happen and how to make them look their best that separates us from the rest. And at the risk of repeating myself, it's really very simple, but not easy.

Please look through our galleries and see if you agree.